Room Sealability

Room Sealability Testing through Leakage and Pressure Decay

The HSE have published guidelines for the Sealability of BSL3 and BSL4 Containment Facilities, which indicate methods for the identification and assessment of air leakage paths. The primary function of these tests is to demonstrate safe containment of formaldehyde vapour, or other gaseous fumigants, during fumigation procedure.

The Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZ2243.3:2010 Safety in Laboratories Microbiological Aspects & Containment Facilities, identifies an acceptable value for leakage (at a maintained pressure of 200pa) for this type of facility.

Clean Air Technologies have developed bespoke test equipment with associated methodology and certification report to meet the requirements of the AS/NZ2243.3:2010 standard and to further enable BSL4 pressure decay testing to 'Canadian Biosafety Standard (CBS), 2nd Edition, 2015'. This gives the benefits of providing, a repeatable and quantifiable method for validating the integrity of the fumigation envelope.