Fumigation Service

Clean Air Technologies offers a comprehensive range of services, spanning from complete facility fumigation and decontamination services, which include cleanroom and containment laboratories, to the meticulous fumigation of microbiological safety cabinets (MBSCs) and PCRs.

Different situations necessitate distinct and specialised fumigation methods, and Clean Air Technologies offers non-carcinogenic decontamination solutions, including:

  • Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) - Our ClO2 gas generators produce a residue-free, non-acidic gas ideal for both small and large areas. Due to its dry gaseous nature, it poses no risk to liquid-sensitive materials or electronics within laboratories and doesn't require any cleaning process after decontamination. This can be used for MBSC and containment laboratory fumigation.
  • Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) - VHP can be applied as either a "wet" or "dry" process. It requires oscillating fans to disperse the vapor throughout the room, ensuring comprehensive coverage. This can be used for MBSC and containment laboratory fumigation.
  • Aerosolised Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) - AHP is a quick fogging process designed for eliminating pathogens on surfaces within MBSCs.

Has your facility ever undergone fumigation? Have you validated your emergency protocols? Clean Air Technologies specialise in conducting emergency fumigation trials for both new and existing facilities and can also assist in refining client Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Clean Air Technologies now introduces Amplicon Decontamination using chlorine dioxide dry gas. This innovative method offers numerous advantages, such as enhanced speed and penetration, which significantly boost efficacy and efficiency of the decontamination process. Whether you require in-situ decontamination or off-site testing, Clean Air Technologies is here to meet your needs.