Case Study - Fumigation Service


In London, our client faced a challenge with their emergency fumigation procedures lacking validation. Our primary objective is to protect and improve public health by establishing validated emergency fumigation protocols for all facilities, ensuring preparedness for potential spills or scientific changes. Within our clients 200M3 facility, we utilised a chlorine dioxide gas generator to achieve the necessary required gas levels (ppm-hours) and attaining a 6-log kill for the targeted pathogens. In the diagram, you can find the locations where we strategically positioned bioindicators to assess the effectiveness of the process.

The facility emergency fumigation protocol was successfully validated and is now a robust and replicable process for responding to spillages or emergency situations. Utilizing chlorine dioxide gas not only eliminates the need for direct human intervention but also ensures safety for both the operator and our team. By simply connection the equipment to the designated door ports, we can effectively neutralise the pathogen that had been spilled.