Medical Research
Leading Institute, St Pancras

Project Overview

Flagship Research Facility located in the centre of London. Public Awareness & associated sensitivities such as Public Health Risk.

Demonstrable rigorous testing regime adopted, to ensure the continued safe containment of hazardous pathogens, and fumigant, satisfying the Users, Public and Regulatory Authorities.

Therefore a 'Å“mock up' of the final project was completed to demonstrate the techniques and protocols being employed in the overall project - this was a definite factor in our success in being rewarded this project ; based on the quality and resulting outcome.

Scope of Works

Peer Review of Fumigation Envelope Construction Details to review the construction and installation details of the components creating the fumigation envelope. This process was dynamic and interactive with the design team.

Our reports commented on the suitability of the proposed component application & installation.

This contained an overview of the suitability of design, materials selected and operational criteria of the containment barrier. This also included a risk-based assessment of the operation of the fumigation envelope elements.

The report covered the construction details of the integrated barrier elements, including: –

  • Material Selection
  • Fixing Details
  • Penetrations to the Room Envelope

The review included consideration of the following components: –

  • Walls, Floors and Ceilings, including interface details, finishes and fixings
  • Envelope Penetration Systems
  • Doors
  • Vision Panels
  • External Windows (where applicable)
  • Transfer Hatches (where applicable)
  • Autoclaves
  • Fumigation Chambers
  • Dunk Tanks
  • Supply and extract ducting up to and including the fumigation dampers