GMO / Genetics
Building for Genetic Medicine


There are stringent regulations for the manipulation and production of genetically modified organisms.

One of the requirements is that this work must be carried out in a CL3 facility.

A top academic University was encountering leakage issues during its fumigation cycles with high levels of fumigant detected within plant spaces.

A full evaluation of the facility and services was required.

Scope of Works

  • Full peer review of the design of the CL3 facility
  • Identifying solutions to the issues being encountered
  • Identification of areas of regulatory non-compliance and mechanical performance
  • Re-positioning of the mechanical safety components to minimise the fumigation envelope.
  • Modifications made to improve the ductwork and sealability of the air delivery system.
  • New tight shut dampers were procured and fitted.
  • Safe change housings were removed and ceiling mounted terminal HEPA housings installed within the labs.
  • Control system modifications were made to integrate the new plant into the fumigation strategy for the facility.
  • At the completion of the works the CL3 suite underwent quantitative and qualitative leakage testing
  • Provide a benchmark metric for the facility for future regular testing.