Pathogenic Research CL4


Our clients mission is to safeguard and enhance public health through standardisation and control of biological products used in medicine. It is uniquely placed to fulfil this role, operating at the interface between leading edge scientific research, product development, regulation and policy. Within their facility, one of four Category 4 containment laboratories was reaching the end of its normal life and Clean Air Technologies was awarded the contract to completely refurbish the infrastructure, services & controls.

Project Scope

  • Replacement of Current Air Handling Units
  • Reconfiguration of Air Movement System
  • Replacement of Electro-mechanical controls with Trend BMS system
  • Refurbishment of Autoclaves to current standards
  • Upgrade of fumigation chambers to allow individual room fumigation including incorporation of door interlock system
  • Upgrading the LPHW system
  • Rewiring the facility small power, lights and controls
  • Replacement of Vinyl Floors
  • Refinishing walls with GRP
  • Final Commissioning & Validation