Engineering Safe Environments

"Our passion is to design and maintain cleanroom and bio-containment laboratories for discerning clients with a vested interest in the ongoing compliance of their facility" - Brendon McManus, CEO

Our purpose at Clean Air Technologies group is to work as a trusted partner Engineering Clean and Containment Environments for organisations operating in the Life Science and Technology sectors.

We value quality, fairness and loyalty. Clean Air Technologies enjoy long term staff retention, borne from our philosophy of Recruit, Respect, Reward and Retain, which enables us to deliver market leading performance.

Our offer is to deliver to End Users Peace of Mind, safe in the knowledge that their facility reliably and sustainably matches their operational and regulatory needs, enabling them to focus on their core activity.

Brendon McManus

Integrity, Commitment & Technical Expertise

We believe success is based on people, which is why we value our relationships based on Integrity, Commitment and Technical Expertise. We continue to invest heavily in our staff and partnerships, creating the platform for long term stability and depth of experience.

Our expertise in numbers

Co-Founded by engineers still active in our business today.

CAT Group revenue of £7m provides a robust and secure foundation.

Our best-in-class team of 20 validation engineers are comprehensively trained, profiled and certified.

We've added up the numbers and have in excess of 200 years of engineering, cleanroom and validation experience.

An interactive experience showcasing our design and build expertise

By scanning our work sites before and after we can reduce our site visits, minimise disruption to your work force and speed up decision making, leading to a quicker build/refurbishment.

Click on the video below to launch an interactive 3D walk-through of one of our sites.

We focus on your facilities' ongoing compliance and efficiency

Provide Regulatory Support

Reduce Downtime. We know downtime means lost production and associated costs

Expansion. Meeting the challenges of increased production

Continuity of Service. Removing the risk of multiple suppliers

Service Team: Test, Interpret, Recommend and Repair

"We deliver compliance data and system reliability, critical for client peace of mind" - Jane Jarvis, Commercial Director

Clean Air Technologies Ltd delivers a comprehensive Test and Validation Service for Cleanrooms, Containment and Environmental Laboratories.

Our service includes the recording, collating and presentation of the facility environmental performance data in a concise professional report within 10 working days.

Uniquely, Clean Air Technologies Interpret your facilities' data from an engineering perspective, identifying performance outliers and trends that indicate future possible failures. We then pro-actively Recommend the remedial works to repair any current or potential future issues.

We have the deep in-house technical expertise and supply chain to Repair all aspects of facilities function and compliance.

Jane Jarvis

Jane Jarvis
Commercial Director
+44 7912 388 966

Why Partner with CAT?

We have an in-house specialist design and build Project Management Team

Our fully resourced team of 20 engineers means we have the largest pool of validation engineers in the UK

We have extensive specialist HVAC knowledge and expertise

We are an independent test house

Case Studies

"We deliver mission critical containment and cleanrooms for a diverse set of clients who all demand the highest level of reliability in their operating environments." - Peter Williams, Director

To get a sense of our work for different end users, please browse our portfolio of case studies below.

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Peter Williams

Peter Williams
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